Text 4

Becoming a child clinical psychologist or counselling psychologist requires five to six years of graduate work to obtain the necessary Ph.D.; this includes both clinical and research training, and involves a one-year internship in a psychiatric hospital or mental health faculty.

Child clinical psychologists or counselling psychologists diagnose children’s problems and disorders, administer psychological tests and conduct psychotherapy sessions. Some work at colleges and universities where they do any combination of teaching, therapy and research.

School psychologists obtain either a master’s degree (approximately two years) or a D.Ed. degree (approximately four to five years) in school CAREERS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT psychology.

School psychologists evaluate and treat a wide range of normal and exceptional children who have school-related problems. They work in a school system and see children from a number of schools. They often give psychological tests to assess children’s personality and intelligence. School psychologists interview and observe children, and consult with teachers, parents, and school administrators. They design programs to reduce the child’s problem behaviour.

Becoming child welfare worker requires undergraduate degree as minimum and four years of education which also includes coursework and training in social work or human services.

Child welfare CAREERS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT workers are employed by the Child Protective Services Unit of each state to protect children’s rights. They especially monitor cases of child maltreatment and abuse and make decisions about what they can do to help protect the abused child from further harm and effectively cope with their prior abuse.

Day-care supervisor. The Department of Public Welfare in many states publishes a booklet with the requirements for a day-care supervisor. Day-care supervisors direct day-care or preschool programs. They are responsible for the operation of the centre. They often make decisions about the nature of the CAREERS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT centre’s curriculum, may teach in the centre themselves, work with and consult with parents, and conduct workshops for staff or parents.

Упр. 9. Ответьте на следующие вопросы:

1. What careers is Text 4 about? 2. How long does it take (сколько времени требуется) to become a child clinical psychologist? 3. What degree does this profession require? 4. What does the course of studies include? 5. Where do child clinical psychologists or counselling psychologists work? 6. What do they do? 7. Where do school psychologists work? 8. What does their work consist of? 9. What children do they work with? 10. What scientific degrees does this career require? 11. How many years CAREERS IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT of training does the career of child welfare worker require? 12. What is the minimum scientific degree? 13. What organization employs them? 14. Whose rights do they protect? 15. Do day-care supervisors also work with abused children? 16. What do people in this profession do?


1. Употребление времен Continuous.

2. Упр. 1, 8, 9 урока 7.